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Default Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link

Let's go through again...just for the hell of it, aye?

Orrite...time to pack up and zigzag some more gravel up to the coast...and lunch at Urenui.

Oh man...this is just awesome!!

Yep, they're all over the place here...Moki Tunnel (from memory) and just up the road from the Kiwi Tunnel

Yet another little gem...Kaka Rd., just east of Okoki.
The (Tara-) "Naki" just keeps giving!!

Time to go for air at the Mud Bay Cafe in Urenui, top up the tanks to the absolute brim to have enough fuel to get us through the afternoon AND back out of the 'Naki and into Piopio the next morning without a time-sapping fuel-run.
The 4Square Supermarket next door is also quite well stocked to look after the required shopping for dinner and brecky in the middle of no-where
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