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Another one that's always bugged me was Acheron Rd., a dead-end into the Goulburn River Flats just to the south of Alex. Decided to just follow the asphalted single-laner through the flats and up into the hills for some absolutely gorgeous views.
The tar stops for about 300m before another sealed climb up the next ridge and the wide, flat area up the top offers views from the Cathedrals past Eildon and some high backdrops around Mt. Buller right into the Strathbogies.

Gotta go back under blue skies one day...

The route from home in the Eastern Suburbs made for a negligible 14k's of Warburton 5km's of Maroondah Hwy north of Buxton for the Sth. Cathedral Lane-> Connellys Creek dogleg and a further 100m of Maroondah Hwy for the dogleg at Acheron.
Add, if you will, about 13km from Granton Rd. into Marysville and to the turn-off at Mt. Margaret Rd. near Buxton.

The rest is 90km of pure backroad bliss

Give it a whirl one day....
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