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Default Re: When the fun is over...road closures/ restrictions for the Euro-Alps

Further to the traffic control issue at the Passo Sella through the European peak holiday season, the 2018 restrictions have been decided upon as follows, with a final version expected from 2019.

Link above in German, here the essence:

Restrictions are valid from 23.July to 31. August, Mondays to Fridays 9am to 4pm
Passage is via a free-of-charge permit which has to be applied for via the Openmove website or the Openmove mobile app as well as
info-points onsite, Hotel Miramonti at Plan de Gralba und at Ruacia in St. Cristina , as well as Lupo Binaco and Mazzin at the Trentino end.
Permits are limited to about 200 vehicles/ per hour during morning hours, 100-150 vehicles / hour through the afternoon.
The permit is valid for the duration of one hour.

Exempt are public transport vehicles, all E-vehicles, pushbikes, walkers, horse-riders, booked guests of the Sellajoch hostelries and emergency vehicles.
Further pass-roads under consideration are Pordoi, Gardena and Campolongo (the entire Sella-loop).

The local hospitality industry has commenced a legal fight against the conservationists regarding the experienced (2017) and expected (2018 onwards) losses of business due to the traffic restrictions.
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