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Default Re: India Rajasthan trip

Originally Posted by bitdist View Post
Back from the India trip now - 16 Days through Rajasthan.
It was an experience!
Traffic is interesting... anything can and does come at you from any direction, bikes, cars, tuk-tuks, trucks, buses, people. Any lane markings are a waste of paint. They will cram in as many lanes as can possibly fit with mm between vehicles. If you are going down a country "highway" and someone coming the other way wants to pass what is in front of them, they will just pull out to pass and you have to go over to the verge and go past the truck/bus/car about 50cm away.
No one use mirrors there except to look at themselves. So passing anything needs a toot so that they know you are there.
Animals wander everywhere. We dodged cows, sheep, goats, dogs, monkeys, boars, pigs, peacocks, camels that just wander around everywhere.
300km would take about 8 hours with stops

But chock full of history, forts, palaces and different sights and smells so it was a great place to visit.
Bikes were Royal Enfield Classic 500's - all 24 hp of them!


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