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Default Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link

Some of the culprits getting warmed up... if there was something like that place in Melbourne, Apple's latest Iphone addicts would rot with envy in their sleeping bags...

42 taps of craft-brew!!!! Suck on a mouldy sock, Australia!
And that's before the exquisite knowledge of the guys behind the bar!

I'd call that the best-kept secret in Northern Auckland.

All that in a rear-block factory-building along some main road....and the food-van is doing the bar-boys proud, too. Great tucker to go with the brews.

I like this joint...

Oooops....I DID say that all the above was about halfway to the pub/ dinner/ excellent tucker/ laughs and a great night out at the Bushmans Grill in Hillcrest, only 2km from the Bike-Rental-Depot ?
Some things just fall into place, aye?

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No idea what Doug's praying for though....
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