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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

Let's have a look into the saw mill.

Everything is open you just walk inside and look around. The smell of the wood is fantastic.

The confidence in a good behaviour of the visitor is what you rarely find . I hope the organizers will not be disappointed.

This is the water reservoire, between the saw mill shacks you see Hotel Schwarzwaldalp.

Now it's time to turn.

that was Rosenlaui - fantastic

The next valley is up to the Engstlenalp it is on the way to the Sustenpass only a few km after Innertkirchen.

The singlelaner ends up on the parking area of the Engstlenalp. You can hae a walk to the next Alm for something to eat,

but I recommend to walk five minutes to the Engstlensee.

Keys for the rowing boats you get in one of the restaurants. BBQ places or Brätelstellen as the Swiss say, are beside the the lake together with firewood and a toilet.

Engstlenalp is different to Rosenlaui so it's worth to visit both.

But lets move, it's getting late. Back to Innertkirchen, next is Grimsel Pass.
Ciao Gero

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