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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

My hotel in Lanslebourg, the Relais des Deux Cols, has a garage for bikers. Yesterday Katie shared the place with two dirty ATVs.

When I came there this evening the company has changed two wonderful Austin Healeys 3000 were already in. I love these old British roadsters.

A group of Brits were driving their roadsters over the Cols. Outside was the rest of the fleet: a Healey 100, a Lotus and a Porsche Cabrio. They came on their wheels from England.

Today I had no exact plan where to go. First idea was to drive some km west and then try to go south into the small valleys and try drive as far as possible.

First try in Bramans was stopped by road works. Next one was not very interesting. Ok, nothing good, let's change plans. I go for the Col du Galibier.

An old Volkswagen came roaring up with a blue oily banner behind him.

Weather is perfect!

Ciao Gero
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