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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

So I left the winery in Leytron and headed for the Col du Lein. Climbing up the north flank of Col du Lein I stopped to look for these old trees.

I think these are Apricot trees. Does someone know? I liked the old trunks with the thick foliage very much, would like to have two or three in my garden.

Then I came to a real gem!

Auberge de la Pleyeux is in G...maps noted as Auberge de Sapinhaut. Doesn't matter. the Auberge is perfectly settled in the forest and you have a fantastic sight into the valley and to the direction of the hamlet of Chiboz. I could see the road where I had to turn in the morning due to the road works. The Auberge looks very cozy inside. I would love to spent an evening and a night there, we'll see time will come.

Down there is Martigny and the Rhone turns to the right direction Lac Geneve.

Over there must be the road block.

I had a snack, talked to the landlord and off to Col du Lein. Up there it is really nice and you can drive even a loop there.

Oh my goodness so many cols, don't know which one first.

The roads up there have a fine gravel, so you might expect that it is packed with Adventure Beemers or VStromers, but the only bike I saw the whole time was a Swiss Yamaha Diversion.
After exploring everything up there I found a nice shady place at the southern flank, just near the village of Levron. I had to decide where to go to.

Ciao Gero
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