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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

Back to the RR. Weather report for Switzerland was not that good. They said it is better on the Italian side. Ok decision made, let's go for Aosta!

So I Rode up the ramp of the Grand Saint Bernard. Ok these pics have probably seen a lot of you already.

First the Hospiz, my bike is pointing into the wrong direction. If you come from Switzerland you first pass the Hospiz and then you come to the lake.

Italy ahead.

By chance I found the marker for the borderline Italy-Switzerland.

Half of that small bridge is already Italy.

I didn't want to stay in Aosta, so I drove to Fenis to look for La Maison d'Amelie.

The castle of Fenis from the Pizzeria, where I went to.

Katie is alrady resting in the private parking of Maison d'Amelie when I came home.

Ciao Gero
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