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Default Re: Balkans_2018...You Only Live Once!

Cacak (Serbia)-> crossing the Danube River-flats into Romania -> Anina, West-Carpathians (Romania).

Another "transit-day" to make it into Romania by the end of the day and set us up for a couple of days of checking out the TransAlpina and Transfagarasan Passes.

Dreading another 150k's worth of Serbia after yesterday's experience makes me quickly re-route the quick + direct option into something more 2.-3.grade, which will take more time but we might dodge the worst of the Kamikaze-Locals.

Things turn out quite docile and it's a medium-speed cruise across the undulating North-Serbian landscape followed by the extensive riverflats of the Danube.
We skim along the river for a long stretch.... before a quick crossing into Romania at Naidas.

Things start to get more interesting in the nearby hills, the western foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.

The narrow valley climbs continuously, then spits us out in a small valley bowl at Anina, which obviously has been vacated by its communist past a while ago.
The huge, rusting mining gear, rail yards, maintenance buildings etc. falling ever deeper into decay and disrepair every year.
It's a sad, little place... with its rusting hulks of former industrial prosperity squashed between the mountain slopes.
The next-door National Park seems to harbour more packs of scruffy stray dogs + cats than native animals...

The more of a surprise to find the Pensiunea Roua Florilor such a generous, clean and well-kept affair ....if somehow weird with its ballroom-sized dining hall/ dance-hall?? and the full-marble 3-story staircase and all that.
It sure is a strange place...step out the door and look across the fence into the old mine and shunting yard, and it feels even stranger.

Checking the "theme-colours"...maybe there's something else going on here?

Breakfast or sure is a lonely affair.

Strange place... the old mining town of Anina, Western Carpathians, Romania
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