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Default Re: Balkans_2018...You Only Live Once!

No Aussie-style forest of dumb-down signs, no speed signs, do this/ do that or the rest of the roadside-garbage...
....just ride your own race, simple as that.

I have just as much fun in the lower, forested parts of the TransAlpina Rt67c
towards the north lateron.
There are small, interesting roads, sealed and gravel, branching off everywhere.... places and tracks to explore for months on end, I'm sure.

Now the weather is pushing us north....blackbellies over Lake Oasa.

Leaving the Transalpina for the navigational challenge of the 40km rollercoaster of small roads across the High Plains, the endless string of hairpins, narrow alleyways, 5-way market-places, dips and sweepers and endless turn-off options through Jina, Baiesi and Poiana to THAT, was the real kick of the day for me.

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