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Old 10-07-2016, 03:08 PM   #6
Fuzzy Dunlop
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Default Re: Dougie gets his feet wet!

Never seen water there! Normally dry as a bone.
~~~ Mark
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Dougie gets his feet wet!

Originally Posted by glitch View Post

Goodonya, guys!!
Waterlevel doesn't seem too bad...but that must've been a bloody quarry underneath that brown, murky wet stuff.

Doug, what the hellyadoin', man?
I thought that Strom was going to hit the market soon...not the bottom of a river

I had a new unopened Android Tablet in the top box too. The markers said the water level was 20 cm... some of the rocks on the crossing were double that!
Jeezas I had very cold and wet feet for the remainder of the arvo.
Bloody good fun though eh!
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Paul n Dixie
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Default Re: Dougie gets his feet wet!

Scary!! Bloody well done ! (both of you)
Must've been boulders beneath the surface

I reckon the water would've been brown from my undies if i,d tried that on our strom!
A.K.A Dyson -because I suck on dirt!
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Old 11-07-2016, 01:24 PM   #9
Pit Crew
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Default Re: Dougie gets his feet wet!

Good effort Doug, better to have wet feet than let the Wee have a little nap.

Reminds me of taking the Mighty CB1300 and Classic trailer to the Spaghetti Rally a few years back. Entry to the camping at Edi Cutting was via a short, shallow water crossing - a billabong on the side of the King River.

Water was not very deep at all, but deep enough for the murky water to cover some 100mm plus loose rocks, and make it difficult crossing with bike, trailer and pillion. Fortunately, Helen alighted and hopped her way from rock to rock and crossed with dry boots. I was not so lucky, but at least there was a camp fire to dry things out over-night.

The guys and gals sitting on the river bank clapping, cheering, jeering were as about as help as a bloke holding his mobile 'phone.
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Dougie gets his feet wet!

Great video Eivind, and Doug well done for keeping the Wee upright in that water mate. I think I am glad I got the call from work sat morning as the me being a rusty as I am riding wise would've have struggled getting the big "Vee" through without it going for a swim, that and worse still it would've caught on camera!!!
Ah Tassie, gotta love all those windy bits and if you don't get down there you're missing out folks, motorcycle nirvana!!!
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