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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: Tornanti_2...Three Weeks Of Carve Till Ya Barf!!

There are 2 blue and a red GS650 for us…plus 2 grey GS800s for Tim and Marty….and at the lack of a third one of those, the boss throws in a GS12 for the same price. All done!!

All bikes are virtually brandnew….the “oldest” are the 2 blue GS650s and the GS12 with ~ 5-6000km on the clock. Tim’s GS8 sprouts a virgin 30k’s!!! We'll fix THAT pretty soon...

All with panniers/ topboxes and tankbags….and full tanks.

That paints BiancoBlue in Milano 2 years ago “into the bin”!!!

In amongst all the kafuffle, Goodie’s mobile sprouts some good news: Tim’s backpack has been found intact and untouched by the conductor of the train (still on its way to Geneva!!) and can either be picked-up from Lost Property in Geneva (~250km away) tomorrow….or be returned in about 3 days to Aarau. Looks like a long train trip for Tim tomorrow then….in 2-3 days we’ll be somewhere else.

HUGE KUDOS to MotoMader…. Kurt, Joerg and the others who were there to help out 6 travel-weary Aussies getting their stuff together, get looked after like family (with nibblies on the counter and ice-cold drinks in an esky….incl. some Feldschloesschen beer for those who wanted it).

What a super-friendly and professional bunch they are!!

In the end they lumped us all back into the van and X5 for the 2km hop along the single-laner backroads to Muhen, a small village on the other side of the Autobahn….and home of the Gasthof Baeren, our stay for the next 2 nights….and the last night upon our return and prior to the flight back to Oz.

Muhen proves to be one of those typical semi-new-time, semi-traditional villages of the more industrialized northern Swiss “flat”-lands.

A big sign outside proclaims : “CLOSED” for holidays….WOT???
I’d just called them again a fortnight ago to confirm everything!!!
On further inspection, there’s a small bar at a side-entrance….and we’re expected.

The narrow doorway opens into a big courtyard….the Gasthof out the front used to be a typical farm-building with stables and hay-lofts out back, all wrapped around a courtyard with thick timber benches and tables nowadays….a sort of beer garden.

A steep staircase drives the sweat again, but there are 3 renovated rooms with ensuites upstairs….CHRIST, those suitcases weigh a ton!! Especially after that first half-liter stein of local brew has turned the legs to custard…the shade in the beer garden was just too inviting.

YOU wanted to be first in the shower?? Kiss my %$#@

Around 7ish, the world looks good: Got the keys and rego-papers for the bikes, the bed for the night is fixed, Tim’s backpack is only a 6hr. train ride away, the shower bolted the legs back underneath, time for a short look around and getting some tucker organized….

The local Farmer’s shop along the main street….the “Stainless Cow”….selling raw milk out of a fridge-come-vending-machine.

Bring your container (or grab one of the cleaned, re-usable Mineral Water bottles next to the machine), stick a Franc (~A$1) into the slot and watch the absolutely sensationally-tasting stuff glug about a litre worth of the cold, white stuff into the bottle.

Doesn’t go too well with the beer-foundation we laid about an hour ago though
Time for some chewies at the Restaurant Bahnhof !

Couldn’t care less about the local tram (connecting with Aarau Main Station) screeching away later that night and early the next morning…

….or the decidedly rural smell of the place.

“Shitflicker”-time around the Alps…more about that tomorrow, eh?

The local Saturday-Night crowd takes the downstairs Bar apart…while 6 Aussies snore blissfully unaware, wood-chipping half of Switzerland’s pine forests…
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