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Default Re: Only in America .......

Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post
..... In the US there are 50 different sets of road rules anyway. Each state has their own peculiar rules.
Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Which, in return, nobody seems to give a shit about.
Seen some classic stuff over there...but those mega-rigs are impressive!
Highway / Freeway speed limits were generally 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 or 80mph. The locals think nothing of travelling at 5 or 10mph over the limit, even 15mph over seemed to be frequent, especially in CA. Some of the roads in the area around Dillon, CO were covered in snow, speeds were still very high.

We saw quite a few cars pulled over by the CHiP's (or equivalent) in the 9,000 plus miles we drove (more than we would see in the equivalent distance in OZ). It had me athinking about the sort of speed those dudes must've been doing to attract the attention of the law enforcement officer.

One occasion, three CHip's had a guy pulled over, officers had weapons drawn and pointed at the driver / crim (?), who was adopting the position. I had slowed to get a better look. A LOOK from one officer was enough to know that my interested was not needed.
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