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Pit Crew
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Default Re: [VIC] Acheron Way & Toolangi State Forest..

Originally Posted by joedel View Post
... right turn at the top (Mt Leonard I think) and decided to just keep going and see what happens..
After about 40 min, road finally ended somewhere (no clue where I took below photo) and turned around ...
Sounds to me like you would have ended up near Limestone Road on the way to Yea. From, memory this is road Glitch took us on last year, the day Steve and Haysey got the punctures.
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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: [VIC] Acheron Way & Toolangi State Forest..

More than easy to get royally lost in the Toolangi SF...there's a million tracks up there, many ending up shit-creek sooner or later
Get some Rooftop Maps from our trusty sponsor...BikeMart.

Where to next ?...ohhh Gosh!!

Endless stuff in the back of Mt. Dandy alone....then between Gembrook and the Princess Hwy...there's one from near where you took the first pic to the trout farm on the Narbethong-Marysville Rd....more around Flowerdale-Strath Creek...around Kinglake/ Yarra Glen/ Toolangi area....Wilhelmina Falls and the backroads to Yea...the Strathbogies and Switzerland Ranges...Western Gippy where you can ride yourself sick'n silly on good gravel and single-laner blacktops inside a 30x30km square.
All of those within throwing distance of "civiliziation" like bakeries, servo's pubs, other attractions.... and chockers full of points of interest from creeks to swimming holes, lookouts to shonky timber bridges and a hundred other things.

Check Google for all those "Beenak" Roads and lanes....there's a couple of dozen (most are dirt, all are scenic) of them, all good fun.

Then the back roads of the Yarra Valley...from/ to Powelltown through the State Forest...across to Warby....or Noojee to Cumberland Junction/ top of Reefton.

There are months of continuous riding and exploring, all within a day-ride... all depends on where you live, too.
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Default Re: [VIC] Acheron Way & Toolangi State Forest..

Glad to hear you had a great day out. We are still have really ordinary weather up this way.

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Default Re: [VIC] Acheron Way & Toolangi State Forest..

Good on you Joedel. I had five days off over Easter and didn't get out once, and being on the end of a paintbrush was not my first choice! I have been running road rubber on my TDM for years and have suffered quite a few punctures when off the tar. It does help to drop the pressures a bit if you can be bothered, handling is less squirmy (but heavier) and I believe it helps prevent punctures. You will find dual sport tyres or knobbies pretty hard to find in TDM sizes, rear there are a few options but the front (which is where you want the grip) is pretty much limited to 18" rears run in reverse direction. I am still hoping to get my TDM more dirt worthy, one day.
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Default Re: [VIC] Acheron Way & Toolangi State Forest..

decided to take the TDM off the tar..
Ah the best place to be out exploring.
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