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Old 12-08-2012, 07:41 PM   #6
Sir Francis
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Default Re: Strath Creek Lunch Run

First stop from Warrandyte after lots of back roads around Kinglake.

Looks like a few found it tough walking back up the hill.

If this is winter in Melbourne, bring on global warming.

We stopped at the new lookout above Strath Creek.

Across the road and along another ridge line.

A good feed and a great chat at the Strath Creek pub.

After lunch, the remaining riders took a little diversion. Wow!

We climbed to the top.

The road to home.

Trip distance: 268km
Follow me, I know the way.....

637 (142/70/147/10/193/105/63/211/305/471/635/204/288/123/435/405/324
/345/8/368/374/889/362/816/952/771/196/357/832/438) days and counting...
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Strath Creek Lunch Run

Another classic winter ride. Very surprised to see the amount of dust on my jacket after the rain we've had this past week. The views are simply stunning and the afternoon light is divine at this time of year. Thanks for another memorable day out
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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: Strath Creek Lunch Run

Things didn't look too rosy for the start...despite the grey and overcast, then managing to lose one of the crew who "got lost" on a late petrol-run (sorry Big Rob / Goldthing! , it was a bit of a chaotic one with folks joining and leaving all the time), before Goodie took over the lead (after a sleepless night of going over her route over and over) of the "roadies" ....while the "muddies" split after the first steep drop and climb, hitting the first of the dirt pretty much immediately.

Bummer, it was so foggy, as views would've been spectacular!

Rapid changes from tar to dirt and back to tar etc. for the fairly roundabout way through the backroads of Warrandyte, Panton Hill and St. Andrews, finishing with the climb up the Bald Spur, which turned out better than expected.

Checked out the Silver Spur Rd., which turned out a no-through (sorry for the Uee, folks!)...then finally into the sunshine about Camp1, halfway through the Forest/ Murchison Spur stretch.
With Tim (SF) and that howling Triple up my clacker, the going was....quick-ish.... until the steeep drop down to the carpark of the Strath Creek Falls.

I'm sure others will post some better pics, mine turned out total crap.

Back to the Murchison Spur....and "The Hayseys buy-one-get-one-free" twin-pack enjoying the smooth gravel and stumping views!

As did Fuzzy on the Dunlop....sorry, Dunlop on the Tiger...

S1mon and Steve

What a fantastic spot...

Horans Track proved another gem (which will certainly be re-visited, soonest) was the little loop through the State Park and back down to King Parrot Creek and a quick run into Strath Creek.

Doug...Simon on the right, who brought the brandnew '12 WEE

Tim (SF) on the left with's Tiger-Mob.
Looks like Tim's got his doubts...."Yer shittin' me!"

The tiger boys in the back: "Awwww, cmooon!!!"
The BM-punter (TimC in front) keeps sipping the Latte, way beyond those Tiger-issues...

Goodie on a mission, while Kenny throws the shifty eye

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Default Re: Strath Creek Lunch Run

I might add that while you guys were posing for your star photo shots I was back at home carrying 2 metres of spilt firewood uphill to the house wood pile (in the rain in Ferny Creek).

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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: Strath Creek Lunch Run

Kenny (l) and Shane (r)

With skies like that, we just had to check out some more views after "making some dust" down the the glorious, little Upper King Parrot Rd, how sweet is that meandering track?

Anyway, back up on the spurs...

Looking towards Seymour

Can't make up my mind which is the better shot...

Back into the muck and underneath a blanket of blackbellies in Glenfern, with a standard highway run home, the dry!

What a great day out there....THANKS to everyone, thanks for the laughs and good fun, thanks to Goodie for looking after the "roadies" on the way up, thanks for some excellent corner-marking and Hallelujah to Wayne on the cruiser and the Hayseys two-up on that pretty bumpy spur near the end of the day.

Can't wait for the next one!
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