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Old 02-09-2012, 07:41 PM   #6
Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: Fathers Day Follies

Scootin' around the back of the Cathedrals

The road that isn't

Oh, the magic of it all....

Adam/Stewy, not quite sure what he got himself into...

Black Range Rd.

Cheviot Tunnel...after some puddle-hopping it was worth the stop.

A big THANKS to everyone for a great day!! Fantastic to see Adam back on the bike, Mark and the exhaust-waving Trumpy made it home ok by the sounds of it, Doug's back is holding up to things, Tim (SF) should have yet another cylinder lopped off that Tiger, Cam seemed to enjoy ever krick and turn of it, Williamson was in time for his BBQ and keeps his brownie-points....and the Klim pants have survived another harsh landing in the greenery without a mark, "The Dishrack" needing a new right handguard and 20c worth of Bunnings mattblack on the crashbar to make all evidence disappear.

Big smiles allround...Thanks guys!

As for that mud in all the guards and nooks and crannies....hose or pick-axe?
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Fathers Day Follies

A great half-day. Thanks to Pete, Goodie, Doug, Cameron, Mark, Tim, Tim and Steve.

Some random shots from the old Sony Mavica (first time I've used it in about five years).

It's lonely at Woori Yallock when you get there early.

On the track:


Goodie & the Shrek:

Some stitched panoramics:

On Paradise Plains Track:


Above Marysville:

Good ride over the Blackspur, surprisingly quite for middle of a bright sunny first Sunday of Spring. Got home around 12:45pm (before the free-loaders arrived). Burnt a few snags and lumps of beef, had a few beers and reds took grandsons to park, played soccer, pushed boys on swings.

I'm tired now - think I'll have a sleep.

Thanks yuse bunch for a great morning.

Thanks family for a greater afternoon .............
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Still young and stupid
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Default Re: Fathers Day Follies

another great ride, thanks to all involved was great to be back in the saddle after almost 12 months out.

Hopefully this is the start of a very big riding season.

For me the 2 highlights of he day were that little 5km stretch with that first muddy section up hill, and then riding up that steep hill in the carpark of the tunnel after everyone said it couldn't be done without knobbies, wasn't sure if i was going to come out of that as the hero or the clown. What you blokes didn't see was just how big the drop of was from the top of the track back down to road was about a 300mm straight drop.....and I can tell ya the first time up it certainly caught my attention pretty quick as I got to the top

Thanks again all, and can't wait for the next one
Cheers Adam
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Tear along dotted line!
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Default Re: Fathers Day Follies

By far an awesome day.
I'm cream crackered!! Great to ride such a good mix of roads.
Very well planned!
485km door to door for me. to put it into perspective, my little jaunt around Mt Worth the previous Tues was a sad 177km.

Thanks to all, great to meet a few other AT's as well as catching up with Stewy!


I'd rather be riding!

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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Fathers Day Follies

A few more pics from me!
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