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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

So I slipped through the tank traps into France. Heading for Saint-Point-Lac. But before I had to look for this chapel, which stands at the edge of a small cliff.


Next is the small town of Pontarlier. This area is famous for Absinthe.
But there is also a big Nestlé industrial compound in Pontarlier producing chocolate. Which you can smell while passing it.

Now the road follows the river Doubs. The Doubs was quite dry, don't know if it is like this every summer?

Probably it was not always like this becuse the Doubs carved out these walls.

Don't know for which little bugger this donation was for? In Norway they have the Troll, who is your friend if you leave some donations. Probaly bikers left this donation to get help from someone, so the police is not picking them for speeding.

France has recently limited the max speed on roads to 80 km which is an insult for the French Biker.

Back to the Swiss Jura. The Jura is the core area of watch manufacture. During the next km all the well known names popped up: Longines, TAG, Heuer, Rolex and so on. Some obviously in serious problems others with modern buildings.

Then came the top scorer of today.

The Col de Chasseral starts at 820 m above sea level climbs up to 1500 m and ends if you want at Lake Biel at 440 m. More or less as a single-laner.

Not the best weather for a vista.

Lake Biel/ Bieler See

The rest of the run is motorway. I reached the trailer in Lörrach in time.
Changing clothes, helping Katie up the trailer, 45 min later I was a normal cage driver again.

Fantastic trip! I have to tell my friends about it and come back.
Ciao Gero
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Sir Francis
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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

Thanks again for posting up your travels.

Looking forward to your next trip.
Follow me, I know the way.....

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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

What a bag full of interesting stuff "on the way out"...I didn't know so many of the old Swiss watchmakers were still around and that they were so concentrated in a small area.
The Chasseral I had read about in the past but around 1000m elevation above the surrounding countryside is certainly serious enough to make it some excellent riding fun.
Overall the Jura seems to be more a pre-alpine/ "foothills" area, rolling hills, soft contours...

Nothing wrong with that, I was stunned by the endless amount of single-laners that Gmaps threw up when doing a quick and random streetview session.

A big THANKS for the story and some sweet pics (and memories to go with it), it's a damn shame it's over already.

Greets to Germany's North
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Default Re: The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads

I think my sister must have a secret admirer

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post
A great read thanks for taking the time to post.
Your never lost until your fuel runs out
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