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Default 2_peaks ride

What a day!

2 peaks, a spur, a couple of dirt roads and all that on a postie - in the company of 7 other CT110s.
What a ball i had today!
4 guys from ballarat (who trailered their posties to como park), 2 people from st kilda and tim and i met up in st.andrews and went up the twisty road to kinglake. usually i go up that way a tad faster, but this time i held back and enjoyed the scenery! ;)

after that we went towards toolangi and down chum creek road into healesville, followed by the black spur. since there was no traffic on the road we could ride flat out!
one really funny incident (several times repeated later) was where we rode uphill, three abreast and were just gaining inches on each other! It never felt so good, going so painstakingly slow! we could actually talk to each other while riding.
No stopping in marysville, oh no. after racing up lake mountain we enjoyed lunch in the new cafe. the service was pretty slow, but then, there was only one staff at the time.

afterwards, the downhill stretch was decidedly quicker. Since the road surface was excellent we let the posties go as fast as they wanted. unfortunately our petrol reserves didn't allow us to go via the reefton, so we had to head back to marysville.
since the majority of our group had a long way to go home (ballarat!), they decided to take the black spur.

tim and i parted company and headed for the archeron way - yeaha! the ct's and riders just loved it. archeron way ends on the road to mt donna and we continued towards the summit, then took the turn-off to healesville, another little dirt road (ca.10kms).

just at the start of the dirt section there is an old ramp where hangliders used to start off into the valley below, but it hasn't been used in along time - so i thought. today there was actually one there, not on the ramp, but on the other side of the road, just ready for take-off. i would have loved to stop and watch, but it was getting late.

after the dirt section we rode down the long fast sweepers into healesville and that very first s-bend nearly saw me flying over the edge at 90 km/h! better back down a bit, me thinks.
the ride from healesville home was a little busy with traffic from the grape grazing/wine tasting, a 4-wheel drive event and preparations for tomorrows commonwealth torch, which will be carried through this area.
Total all up: no incidents or accidents, just pure fun!
on top of that, it was a very cheap day on petrol (i spent more on drinks!)
i found it hilarious when we all filled up and made a beeline for the cashier, each with a 2 dollar coin in hand

the ride was organized by stu from the postie bike group. thank you for letting me take part

Can't wait to do it again
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<-- now went that way
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hehe... top stuff Goodie

see Pete and I spent about $70 of fuel yesterday

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The Phat Hairy Bloke
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That does it...

I'm gunna get me a postie bike!!!

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Mapping the next ride...
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Originally Posted by iffracem
That does it...

I'm gunna get me a postie bike!!!

Oil-capacity for an oilchange...1 liter
Spark-plug $3.95
Set of cush-drive rubbers $20
Chain $43
Front sprocket $ 8.50
tyre (same front/back): $28-40 (for the race-compound ;D ;D)
tyre fitting: 20 mins with 2 levers and a coldie
Cheapest spares: Buy another one at the auctions.
Engine swap-overs (if ever needed, just been practicing for the fun of it): 42 mins to ride-away
Best touring item: a chopped down Ventura rack bolted to the OEM-rack, makes a nice backrest, too.
For the fully-loaded version...

NO, not ours ! looks like the owner's never heard of a laptop, that bottom gray box looks like a desktop computer laying on it's side ;D ;D
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