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John & Johnny
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Default Eskdale pics

We're here!
Let the fun begin.

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John & Johnny
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Default Re: Eskdale pics


All the bikes have gone off on daytrips but Johnny and I are happy wandering around Eskdale. We talked to locals who were gardening, talked to Dave who owns the cafe. He made me a lovely cappuccino and gave Johnny a plate of sausage rolls. Free!
Johnny started building a spa pool out of rocks in the river but he discovered GOLD! (The special mica kind ) so he ran back to the tent and got the hammer to extract it all. Willo just came back so we're off to patronise Dave's cafe. Burger with the lot for 7 bucks is just the ticket. Might do a bit more walking around the town this arvo. Lots of cute little cottages, old ruins from greatness past, and friendly locals who don't seem to mind us wandering over and chatting while they are pruning the roses. Lol!

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John & Johnny
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Default Re: Eskdale pics

We're home!

What an awesome trip that was. Thanks guys. You are all fantastic and we had sooooo much fun listening to all your stories. We sat in a circle at the caravan park and the bullsh*t flowed. One bloke, who shall remain unnamed, had everyone in stiches with his observation of every Harley model name having gay connotations. Then we moved on to prefacing Ford models with arse. We had arse forcus, arse territory, arse laser and so on. Johnny was falling off his chair laughing! It's a tried and true formula that boys of Johnny's age love all those type of jokes. Canary set up a little camp fire candle so I was expecting the baked beans scene from Blazing Saddles, but that didn't happen.
Being amongst adults and listening to all this talk is what turns boys into men.
After Johnny's blood nose (3rd for the weekend) settled down we rode home with Moike and took a detour via Bryants Gap Rd based on Glitch's recommendation. Nice views over Lake Hume with an eagle circling above near Tallangatta. Then Yackandandah, Beechworth for a cuppa, then Everton, Snow Rd to Glenrowan, then freeway home to Benalla.
We had the time of our lives and look forward to doing more of the same.

Love you AusTouring guys!

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Default Re: Eskdale pics

John was great to meet yourself and the family and little Johnny looks like he had a ball so maybe we shall see him with you on more rides in the future. While I didn't take any pics at all this weekend as John says it was a great gathering with many tall tales over a few ales once the tents were up and then off to a great dinner at the pub where where yet more yarns of deeds past were spoken of and many new possible plans hatched as well no doubt. I unfortunately had to cage it to the meet with Shane being my chauffeur but just the little taste I got of the roads in the valley in particular means a future trip back there and beyond is definitely in the pipeline!!
Ah Tassie, gotta love all those windy bits and if you don't get down there you're missing out folks, motorcycle nirvana!!!
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Default Re: Eskdale pics

Thanks to Doug, Tim and Robert for their patience with me being a few minutes late Sat morning (flat battery and a quick re-pack - everything outta the trailer and necessities on the bike). The company riding north to Benalla was good to!

Arrived Benalla on time, the oven timer went 'ping' as we arrived at John and Johnny's, and sausage rolls and party pies were heated just noice.

Moike was already there, Kenny and Shane arrived in time to get some eats.

John's daughters are budding baristas and brewed a very nice coffee (though a bit hotter next time girls, please).

Originally Posted by John & Johnny View Post
.... Love you AusTouring guys!
Better pitch my tent a bit further away next time.

I arrived home around 1:30pm after an early start from Maffra this morning. Last night was Maffra instead of Bruthen 'cause I arrived at Bruthen at 3:00pm, didn't feel like sitting at the Bullant for six hours, so kept going.

Between leaving home and arriving back there were a few pics, here's a few from down Lucyvale Road from me.

Lucyvale Hall:

Lucyvale Tennis Courts:

Some old bridges:

Looking the other way:

Another renovator's delight"

Lucyvale was a delight, very scenic, quaint, out of the way, around 8km of good quality surface, then gravel no-through-road for roadies, may be a through route for dusties.
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