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Default Buxton or Bust

Yesterday was too good a day to be sitting around in the sun. The Terra came out, Buxton set as the destination and I hit the road. Up the Old Toolangi road to Toolangi then into the Toolangi State Forest. A few years ago Jo and I had ridden through here down some nice roads into Buxton, and I was keen to retrace that route, as well as looking at some of the roads exiting the forest to the north, Yea/Molesworth way.

At my disposal I had some pages I photocopied from the relevant Rooftop map, the Tomtom and google maps on my phone. For the first half of the way I didn't bother with the maps, I just followed the main drag Murrundindi Rd. Then I stopped and tried to figure out where I was on the map, only to see that when I had photocopied the map in the morning, I had missed a section, which included the bit right where I was.

I knew I had to get over to Black Range Road, and then onto Ure Road, so I found Black Range Road on the GPS and set a course for there. This took me along Bull Creek Rd. then onto Bull Creek Road, which was a bit rutted and bumpy but not too bad, then about 7km along there up a bit of a hill, then onto Ecks Road.

The GPS suggested turning onto Spur Road, but I stayed on Ecks Road, hoping that would provide a better route. A bit further along and this track is getting more overgrown and less used so I backtrack to Spur Road and give that a try. Another intersection and the GPS is showing that about 500 metres along Spur Rd is the Black Range Road junction. By now the bike is starting to run pretty hot because I've been running at fairly low speeds for about 10km.

This road is steep. The photo doesn't do it justice. The surface has recently been spread with big fist sized rocks and other debris, and it's quite deep. I get maybe 1/3 of the way up and then the bike stalls. The back wheel has dug itself into a hole and there is a mound on the track just ahead. I try for about 5 minutes to rock the bike out of the hole and give it another try, in 2nd, in 1st. No luck. Then I step off the bike and try to walk it out. Still no joy. The rear is just spinning and cannot get any traction. The only joy is that I hear my phone receive an email. At least there is a little bit of coverage here in case I need help to get out.

After muscling the bike back and forwards I manage to get it turned around far enough that I put the stand down and have a rest. I've barely actually moved and I'm exhausted.

I manage to turn the bike around to face down the hill, get back on, then ride gingerly back down to the bottom, then I retrace my tracks. WHen I get back to Bull Creek Rd I can choose left to unknown, or right to backtrack another 7km to where I had been, including another downhill I'd rather not do.

Left turns out to be the correct choice., I come to another intersection, Winch Road. I remember seeing this road signposted earlier when I was on Murrundindi Road, so I head that way, and sure enough get back to Murrundindi Rd. I'm pretty sure The intersection of Winch Rd is right where I was parked when I took the very first photo above.

Back down Murrrundindi Rd, Yellowdindi Rd and I get to Black Range Road then head north. I pass the intersection of Ecks Rd. That road is badly churned up by log trucks. GLad I didn't come through there. I pass the Top of Spur Rd. It doesn't look so bad from this end. Onto Ure Road and into Buxton. I earned this burger.

After lunch I decide to skip the roads further north. I lost about an hour backtracking earlier. Head down to Narbethong, UP Plantation Road, A few more false starts and backtracks and eventually I get onto Siberia Road, and head back out to Toolangi, then home via Kinglake.

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Default Re: Buxton or Bust

Arghh, shyte

You earned that burger!!
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