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Default Re: Nine days in Tasmania

Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post

Wow...what a shot! Just freaking awesome.
We are going in Nov 2018, hope to do a couple of weeks there. Was Jacob's Ladder as scary as it looks?
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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: Nine days in Tasmania

The GPS said left, the sign said right. Right involved more dirt roads, we went right
Left would've been the far more scenic way

When you are riding with motorcyclists rather than photographers they never even see things like this 200 metres off the road
That's me....make that 3m off the road

I walked up to near the summit to see the view
...and sit in the snow to test the Klims

MORE great shots!!
Love this thread!

Anyone who's updated to the latest Firefox 57.0 and can't see the pics...
go to
1) Help (Menu Bar)
2) Restart with add-ons disabled
3) Restart/ Safe mode (Confirm)

and all pics are visible.
I'm sure FF will sort it out soon....
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Nine days in Tasmania

Thanks for the brilliant Riding Report through the north of Tasmania.....
I like the landscape around Scottsdale
Don't try to be better than others. Just try to be better than you were yesterday. .

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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Nine days in Tasmania

Day 6

A Tiger tail in Tasmania

Next stop the Bicheno Motorcycle Museum.

You know you are in Tasmania when milk for tea comes in a cow and is dispensed from its nose.

Down the road a ways on the advice of some local road maintenance guys I when 10km right to Meetus Falls. If I had 2 hours to spare I would have gone to the bottom and taken some proper photos.
Can't help but say that that pool at the bottom reminded me of the swimming hole scene in Wild Hogs.

Bruce, Bruce and Bruce went left to Lost Falls and sat around chatting

when I got there I found out what was lost - the water!

Eventually we hit the coast and got a view of Maria Island

and I took an arty picture of Bruces Tiger with the every present scourge of photographers in Tasmania - power lines. (Political rant: I can't believe the stupidly of these people and their propensity to put power lines in every single view)

Looking south down the coast towards the Port Arthur peninsula from Wielangta Road

and once again on the way to dinner with no camera the sunset was spectacular
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Default Re: Nine days in Tasmania

The first think you see at the top of Mt Wellington is the warning

The things you don't often see are the large telco tower

or the view of Hobart and the south eastern parts of Tasmania

but if you wait 5 minutes and don't freeze in the mean time you are generally rewarded with fantastic photo ops.

after some navigational issues we made the Bruny Island ferry where Bruce did his best Charlie Boorman imitation or celebrated his and my 20kph over the speed limit written warnings I'm not sure which.

and went straight to Adventure Bay for lunch

then headed south to the lighthouse

and got up close and personal with it

and checked the views

then headed on the ferry back to the mainland (well the larger island at least) where we stopped for a view of Eggs and Bacon Bay

and Bruce took a selfie

and back to Hobart with the most amazing evening light but but the time I found a power line free view it was waning

One more riding day
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