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Re: Disc O Dazzler ride

Good stuff Paul. Been following these vids with a very wide green streak of envy.

How about you consolidate these vids in a single thread? That way we can find 'em a bit easier, if / when we wanna review them.

Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement Willo :D

I might do that before I post my next vid ( I,ve one up my sleeve) :wink:


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Re: Border Bubble Buster

Border Bubble Buster - A trip into the "Border Bubble" around the QLD/NSW border during CV19.

Thanks for sharing Paul. I'm expecting you will be hosting a few rides for us southern AusTourers if/when we get a chance soon to back up in them parts.

Just don't forget to scout some ST friendly routes.


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A ride to Bungdoozle....LOVE that name!! :bs

One of them days, of them days you've gotta show me Bungdoozle!
Would LOVE to see some more and BIGGER!!! pics (now we can embed them here!)


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Another brief (good) report, thanks for sharing Paul.


Bought back some memories of an eventfull ride from 2013 which took in a small part of your route. Full report on post #32 (what's left of it) here

Also gives me an opportunity (unashamebly) to repost some pics.

Baccarumbi Bridge

Tunnel at Newton Boyd

How you guys been travelling through COVID up there? It seems that all AusTourers have surived down here.

Paul n Dixie

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Hi Willo, that tunnel suddenly doesn't seem as wide in your photo??
Covid lockdowns and restrictions have been coming ang going and definately had an impact- but the biggest restrictions came from 99% of the state Forests being closed from the fires 2 or so yesrs ago. The local haunts only re-opened about 2 weeks ago.
Many trails are now heavily overgrown with regrowth both native and introduced (lantana and the like) and are impassable...
That said, Forestry have re graded where they are now logging! so quite a few compartments are again closed! but will re open once the freshly graded tracks are destroyed by the harvesting operations.
A side effect of the QLD /NSW border restricions has been the swarms of QLD dirt riders that come down every weekend have not been able to, so the locals can get a chance to have a play without as many "Weekend warriors"


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Hi Willo, that tunnel suddenly doesn't seem as wide in your photo??

Size can be deceptive (pic from Google).


The morning after our tunnel adventure we were talking to an ol' timer at the BP in South Grafton. He told us that he use to drive a loaded timber jniker through it in the old days - must've been smaller that today's jinkers.

Which brings me to Today's Trivia Question .....

What is the connection between some of the Space Shuttle components and Roman chariots?
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