Afternoon Skoot


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Made the most of the weather and went for a skoot.

The Basin out to Lilydale and up the Melba to Yea. The roads were super quiet. Clean run the whole way through.

Stopped at Yea for some fuel ⛽️
Whole lot of bikes in town but otherwise it was deserted.

Headed from Yea towards Molesworth and took the turn off just after the town which takes you up towards Alexandra.

Not a soul in site and a clean run all the way through. Stopped at Taggerty for a pee and a cool drink, then on to Marysville to pickup a snot block for the Mrs from the Bakery.

Was planning to head back via Acheron Way but it was signed as closed.

Down the Black Spur which was quite busy but the shade was nice after being in the sun.

The run back through Healesville was hectic. Should have turned off and gone back via Woori & Seville.

Home just after 6. Might be time for a whisky and some cricket.


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