Alpine_Colours_2013...or ...


Mapping the next ride...
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alp_color13_061.JPG to tear the arse out of a brandnew Adventure suit :whistle: W-)


alp_color13_136.JPG many Stroms can fall over on ONE ride...:doh:
...or...never trust your tyre guy to be smart enough to pop a tube into your Tiger wheel :eek:...
or...just having a bloody good time in the High Country!! :glu:glu

This one WILL be a cracker!!

(first lot of pics uploading at the moment, check back in a few minutes and hit the refresh! F5 on your keyboard)


Mapping the next ride...
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We listened to the radiooo


Encountered some 5-star accom


...found some nice dirt roads..




and had some great tucker


More tomorrow, I'm way past my 8.30 bedtime :whistle:


Mapping the next ride...
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Just imagine if that had been one of 'dem fancy Goretex suits. Mortgage number three here I come.

Some of the GoreTex stuff isn't much more than other gear.

Talking about GoreTex and all...met Mr. Touratech and a bunch of his mates at the Omeo Hwy/ Bogong HP Rd. junction Sunday arvo.

Captn Spock

Ride along and prosper
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whoa what a ride! Awesome time was had. thanks all for the company and laughs. Some great stories to come out later along with some great shots...
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