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How to post pics?
The pics you wish to insert into your post have to be in some other Internet-location (either your own provider-web space or some place like, picasa, photobucket, dropbox etc)
The pics are then referenced into your post by specifying their URL.
You can NOT insert pics from your own hard-drive/ computer.
When posting a Message simply write or paste the URL of your image, then highlight the URL and use the IMG button above.
The tags will be added either end of the URL.
Example [color=yellow][img.][/img.][/color] will, once posted come up on the post as the photo below. (the IMG tags do not have the fullstop/period after them, these have been added so they will display in the post and prevent the picture below from displaying twice)


Is there a size limit to the pictures I post?

All Photos on this site should be no wider than 1280 pixels. If a photo is larger than 1280 pixels wide, it will be automatically re-sized. Panorama photos with a height of 200 pixels are accepted.

Why can a member be banned ?

The moderators will try to MODERATE as best as possible, but continued foul language and/or aggressive, offensive behavior will see the user permanently banned.

How can I use the pm (Personal Message) function?

Just click the name of the member you want to contact, then choose the "Personal Message" option/ link in the page that appears.

Why was my thread or post deleted?
Because it either contained language, material or attitude that is unwanted on this site. No problems with some deft language...but we try to keep it clean.

How do I make a signature and what's allowed in it?

Click the UserCP button in the top -bar and then click "Edit Signature" in your Control Panel. Enter your text in the Signature box and click "Save Signature" at the bottom of the page.

Why is the time wrong and how do I change it?

The default time is set +10GMT. You can change it by clicking the UserCP button in the top -bar and then click "Edit Options" in your Control Panel. Scroll to the bottom of the page and adjust your time, then save the new settings by clicking the "Save Changes" buttom below.

How do I subscribe to a thread?

At the top of each thread there is a "Thread Tools" link , press that, then choose the "Subscribe to Thread" option. You will receive an email when that thread is updated

Why didn't I get the confirmation/activation email after signing up?

Most likely you've set up a spam-filter either via your server or on your own system.
Please adjust to allow the activation email to pass through.

How come I can't login and my account has vanished?

Most likely, your account was deleted due to inactivity. Unlike most other forums out there, AusTouring does NOT carry advertising and doesn't have "to prove it's worth" with a high number of inactive/ unused/ old member accounts.
Accounts that have been dormant (not logged into/never posted/ etc) for extended periods, are routinely deleted.
Any posts are kept under a "guest" heading.
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