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Having picked up the Tiger during the week I had to get out and ride. But where to ride?

Stock tyres, no crash bars yet and no real riding in 8 years - so I decided to take some easy gravel and some twisties.

Leg 1 -

After the tedious run up the freeway, I first got a taste of how the Tiger does in Offroad mode. Dore Road was fairly easy gravel road but had its fair share of marbles. TCS lights were blinking every now and then, telling me I was being helped but also that the tires aren't the best for the terrain.

20210207_110357 by Vivek Pradhan, on Flickr

I continued up through Gembrook and I was now on another dirt road - Beenak road. This felt long and started to rain quite a bit too.

20210207_112535 by Vivek Pradhan, on Flickr

Then up and out to Woori Yallock and a cruisy ride into Warburton. It was just past 12 pm and I thought maybe it was time for lunch. But the town was bustling with people and the one thing I didn't want to do is be part of a crowd. Lunch at Warburton and a ride back home WAS THE PLAN.

But since I was having fun, I said fuck it, I am going to keep riding. Took Donna Buang road which was nice and twisty uphill but VERY VERY WET. It was bucketing down by this point and getting foggy. Kept riding all the way to the top and didn't realise the road becomes gravel......:glu and it gets narrower and dirtier. And for the first time in the day, I felt like maybe I went too far for one day. But I thought I was closer to Healesville if I kept going rather than going back in the wet to Warburton.

I stopped at Healesville, get some lunch and thought maybe the bike was too dirty for its first ride.....

20210207_132835 by Vivek Pradhan, on Flickr

After lunch it was time to head back to Woori Yallock, back into Gembrook, Cuckatoo, Emerald and then finally into Rowville and home. So after 300 kms on my first proper ride in 8 years on a brand new bike in some proper rain, I feel like I'M BACK :woot::woot::woot: :endu
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Nice day for it.
You must have turned onto the Mt Toolebewong road near the summit of Donna Buang as the Donna Buang road is sealed all the way to the top.
I did not know the Mt Toolebewong Road was open again. I was at the Healesville end of it just after Christmas and it was still closed then.

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You must have turned onto the Mt Toolebewong road near the summit of Donna Buang as the Donna Buang road is sealed all the way to the top.

You are correct. I didn't want to check out the summit because it was bucketing :thun

What I didn't know was that it becomes a different road at the turn-off.. and yes it was open. I saw a VW Golf stuck on the side of the road bogged in mud.. poor guy was waiting for RACV.. :weather:


Mapping the next ride...
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Look at all that dirt on a pretty and brandnew bike! :lol:

Good to see you had some fun despite the crappy weather...gotta pick something drier next time.

Agree about the least the front.

Can't say I enjoyed the moving-house thing instead, but it had to be done.
A couple more weekends, then I'll be along for a ride.

And if you're after a quieter place than downtown Warby/ Healesvile, try this next time
The little cafe at the Gerbera Farm/ Big Bouquet has limited choice of smaller lunch dishes, but good tucker and coffee/ hot chocolate at reasonable prices in some nice, spacy surrounds.
Tables outside and in.
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