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Mapping the next ride...
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It turns out that following Putere Road further will take you past another couple of smaller lakes and along the river until the road runs out - we may have to investigate further...

Please do so....awesome country side and a sweet road for the first few k's at least. We ran out of time to make it to the end of Putere Rd. that day.

But Waihi Rd.:glu that skim-along-the-ridges towards the SH38 is one I'll never forget...what a brilliant ride and glorious views, all at once.

Taumarunui--chilly night, chilly motel?
Try to hook up with this place next time or google "rangaroa heights taumarunui"
for something near the same $-level....but a hell of a lot warmer, bikes in the garage, and a host couple to write home about, great folks, super clean and homely.
Oh, and the breakfast that comes with it? :clap::clap:


Mapping the next ride...
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Yeah, we only picked Taumarunui 'cos everywhere else was booked...

Here's part two:


You've gotta show me Kauraparaua Rd. next time....there's a couple more I'm missing around there.

Ever done Pohokura Saddle to Bertrands Bridge? (historic bridge that the community fought to keep)


Yeah, it's bent like a banana :)

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