Glitch and K!W1 head off together armed only with cameras.

Glitch and K1W1 head off together armed only with cameras.

Two middle aged blokes
Two marginally unsuitable bikes
A couple of hundred km of Victoria's best dusty January roads
A kiwi with attitude
Camping at a pub surrounded by Harley owners
A brand new camera
What could possibly go wrong?

You will have to wait an see but as they say in the fairy tales all good stories start at a Service Station

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Hope you nursed the Tiger home without checking the scenery close-up on that flat rear.:whistle:

The crop of pics is turning out ok after the first skim-through.:woot:
Some neat shots in that lot.

As for getting those 10kg of dust+rocks outta the seata- ma-pants
(and assorted body-cavities).... :eek::eek:
The first issue was after coffee in Noojee (where two highly inconsiderate KTM two stroke owners had taken the only available outdoor shade and were not prepared to give it up for older and eminently wiser ADV riders). We got to a fork in Loch Valley Road. Glitch wanted to go right but I wanted to go go right so we agreed to disagree and go right. It turned on that right was the right choice so at least I know I was right.



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Christmas, my arse!
Forked out all that dosh on this new whizz-bang, you-bewd camera!
And all I see are ... bloody BOOTS!! :eek::eek:


...or DUST!

So where were we.

Okay. Here is Glitch not displaying true ADV spirit and taking the concrete bridge option


when as you can see there is a perfectly suitable ADV style bridge immediately to his right


Charlie and Ewan would have had their film crew get them across that why didn't Glitch try?

I'll let Glitch tell you about this location but here is the photo I went back to take


This is what we saw when we did not make it to the Mt Toorongo Fire Tower (yes I know wimps but I think Glitch demonstrated that on the previous bridge)


Heading towards Woods Point just after we passed a couple going the other way two up on a GS. Turns out the couple were Austrian and the GS was a rental and shortly after we passed them the rear tyre was ripped apart and guess what. No way to fix it. I believe that they got a ride to Marysville or Warburton in a 4WD


Here is Glitch about to not get to the MaAdams Gap Hotel because the gate was locked shut


The view generally north and east from the top of the hill at Matlock


and a road heading in the general direction of Walhalla that we were not allowed to ride down


after not getting food at The Commercial at Woods Point "you are one hour and five minutes late for lunch!" Glitch got to explain a thin Strom to a V-strom owner and his son.


Arty black and white using the new Acros film simulation after I stopped to discover my hydration pack would not hold water any longer


Glitch riding through the gap near the A1 mine site where the road was not sealed. Shot 10 of an 11 frame burst and still in focus.


Checking into the Kevington Hilton with the chef who did not know what was was going to be on the menu in about 90 minutes


where we could not get a riverside spot because of some inconsiderate Cruiser types (who turned out to be a fantastic bunch but as they say what goes on on the deck of the Kevington Hilton after closing stays on the deck of the Kevington Hilton so you will never know).


I did not have a tent


but as we checked in Glitch said something to the effect of "this is what Doug would do" and purchased some emergency pre dinner supplies so we did not go thirsty


What till tomorrow....


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LOTS of colour and bloom in the bush above Noojee.
Mt.Tooronga Firetower Track


West Gippsland....from above.


This was an overnight photo-ride.... photos first.... riding second!

Or third, or fourth...or if the beers or Harley-boyz or breathtaking views, snakes or 200k's of corrugations and rocks wouldn't get in the way.


And who would've thought that this....


would start its life (~250km upstream) as THAT:




Yeah, it took some digging to find the start of the Yarra River. :so

Thanks MEFO Explorer front hoop to not land me on my arse in the attempt.


Yo, it was quiet up there...


It was even quieter at the McAdams Gap Hideaway (pub/ accom) which I dearly wanted to check out, leaving a couple of messages through the week at the phone numbers shown here:

The steep, washed-out track finished with this...


Hmmm....shortly after a 2-up BM800GS? cruised past the other way.....


"You'll have a look at Mt. Matlock firetower...and I'll wait for you in Matlock, at the site of the Old Town, ok?"

Sure! :thumbs:


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I've been there done that!

Must've missed out on that deliciously loose and spongy climb on freshly graded + uprooted "rockery" then.:bs:doh::whistle:

Same fire warden by the looks of that ute though...



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More boots ?...under that coat of dust?



Surprise: some quite lengthy sealed sections north of Woods Point and along Gaffneys Creek/ A1 Mine/ 10Mile....and all sealed to the Kevington Pub from Jamieson.
Which accounted for a group of "Crusaders MCC" Hogleys.

And boy, did they cop a serve from some Kiwi....
before "hitting back".
The "ding-dong" and laughs went into the night....:chug::thumbs:

And boy, did they cop a serve from some Kiwi....
before "hitting back".
The "ding-dong" went into the night....:chug::thumbs:

Without letting too much out of the deck conversation I have to say that if that guys sister had not been to tall for me it might have been all on. :) :)
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