Glitch and K!W1 head off together armed only with cameras.

got a GPX or g-map of the route ?

That would be a negative.
Basically get to Noojee, go up the Loch Valley Road stay in the Toorongo River Road, stay on Nile Mile Road. At the top turn right (it comes out on that silly sealed section between Cambraville and Matlock) head to Matlock, Woods Point, Kevington.
Next day, Jamieson (fuel pumps start at 8.30, Debs Cafe opens at 6), Licola, Cowwarr Weir, Tyers, Home.
My original plan was Tyers , Rawson, South Face Road, Noojee. We did discuss at one stage going across the dirt and the dam wall to Willow Grove but eventually settled on a little Freeway, Bessie Creek Road, Mt Burnett, Paternoster Road and back that way.
Once you get back out of the Licola Valley there are a huge number of options.


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some nice pics... got a GPX or g-map of the route ?

Can knock up a gmap

From the Toorongo-Tanjil Link Rd., the turn off to the firetower is signed Mundic Rd. (on one of those squared posts). Then tack left again into the lesser track
signed Mt. Tooronga Track. Gmap and OSM got it wrong, Rooftop is right.
There's a sandy patch on the Mt. Toorongo Track after a steep, rocky, little dip with the now totally overgrown track to the old firetower site on the left.
The new tower is up that steep bit (getting steeper again near the top, invisible from below) and has a ~10m rockshelf section, which can be quite rough. Been up there twice before, not this time. Too dry, too skatey.
The track is also starting to get a little overgrown and narrower because of it.


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pt. 2

While I love the ~10k's either side of Mt. Skene for the "alpine" and "remote" feeling and setting, another interesting way is to go back to Matlock and towards Walhalla, then tack south-east up and across Mt. Selma (could be a bit chopped around the top but usually ok on a "whale" via Mt. Selma Rd., then hang a sharp left onto the wide and easy South Rd. which leads north-east back onto the Jamo-Licola Rd.
Mt. Selma and South shouldn't get quite as chopped and corrugated as the Jamo-Licola Rd. does this time of year.

There's a nice shortcut through the water-catchment area of Moondara Dam, but the slip-in on the Tyers-Walhalla Rd. is a bit hard to find. I think I never found it without zipping past first for a slow Uee and double-back, a bit dangerous on that main road which is a forested "wriggler" with bad visibility @ 100kmh limit.
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