It's been a while between rides


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My GP is not aware of the bike ride as wise enough now not to ride to the surgery like I did last time. I am able and allowed to drive but walking anymore than 50 metres currently a non option so pretty much house bound. GP doesn't want me exercising too much until ticker checks completed so I feel your frustration.


<-- now went that way
speaking of Drs and motorcycles

a good number of years ago, a friend had a real dick of an ex-husband, one of their kids (~13yo) loved to go on the back of her mum's motorcycle, and of course, the father being the dick he was, was trying to stop that and his argument was because the child was born with a hole in the heart, being on the back of a motorcycle was no place to be and that she would die.

the Mum when to the Surgeon that fixed this girl's heart and he wrote a letter that basically said
"I have studied for years to practice Cardiac Medicine to save lives, I couldn't think of a better place than on a back of a motorcycle enjoying that life than being wrapt up in cotton wool"

he wasn't a motorcyclist either


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Nev, I know how you feel. Took the Strom out for a 30 minute ride on friday to see if back can tolerate riding and also remember how to do it despite my GP saying no riding until he gives the OK. Good news is all went well after a wobbly start while the brain reacquainted itself. I too will be getting out and about more. You mention bigger garage, do I detect a possible expansion of the bike
My physio is being very encouraging of getting me back on a bike. Every time I see him (currently twice a week) he's asking if I've been out for a ride.

See the surgeon next week, so hopefully some good news and can start to lift more than 5kg.
Did I stumble upon a Ulysses Club forum thread by mistake? :):)

I got a lovely email from my Health Insurance yesterday pointing out how they had happily paid tens of thousands of dollars towards my new go fast hip. They of course neglected to mention the probably hundreds of thousands of dollars they have collected from me over the last 40 years or so or the significant "out of pocket" expenses I paid.
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