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4 days off - gotta have at least 1 day to yourself eh? The Tiger has had its 1000km service and a fresh set of Shinko 705s on them. I needed to get out to scrub the tires in, get used to them on the dirt and tarmac. I also was desperate to get back out to Gippsland - I love Gippy in autumn.

I decided to leave home in the morning determined to taste the Pale Ale at Grand Ridge Brewery...

The morning was overcast and cloudy. The first interesting dirt road was Mountain View road (thanks Pete)

Going boldly where others live :D

I reckon the new tires are scrubbed in by this point

I also love the Wild Dog Valley road (also thanks Pete)

The tires are definitely scrubbed in

I stopped here (Kennets road?) for lunch. I was parked here for about 20 minutes - no one passed. Not a sound in the forest.

After a few spirited corners on Grand Ridge Road, I roll into Mirboo North and head to the brewery. There are some Harleys and super bikes out front. The super bikes look like they’ve got the wrong kinda owners....

The Pale Ale is nice - nothing too earth shattering about it. Just nice. I wanted to try the XPA but decided another beer wouldn’t be a wise move.

I headed back the same way since I didn’t have any other routes at hand - and definitely didn’t want to go the boring way back. The same way back is just as good - but by this stage the sun had decided to pop out and it gave way to some spectacular scenery....
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What a way to enjoy a day, eh? :D

New bike
new hoops
nice routes
great weather and temps
sweet scenery
...AND a brewery!


Already looking forward to the coming weekend.
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