Northern Duster_Aus Day W/E 27+28 overnighter photos and lies


Mapping the next ride...
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:clap::clap: Some great shots. mate.

Didn't realize you were hiding in the bushes up at Mt. Wombat :so


Mapping the next ride...
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Top pics. I like the walkers in the background, at the 1st bike eager to see someone go for a swim. By the 4th bike, they're walking away, disappointed :so .......

Yo...exactly! Thought the same at the time :bs


Mapping the next ride...
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Your vid link (without the "x's")

No idea why the address is chopped up.

What it should look like (with "youtube" instead of "yotube" )

Is there any option on Youtube to obtain an address for the vid that looks close to the one in bold letters?

The Utube plugin to the forum-software can't resolve the 'unusual' Youtube address format, therefore doesn't embed.

Fuzzy Dunlop

Unleash the inner wombat
Couldnt sleep so I went through some photos and found some more to share

Back of Sugarloaf Reservoir methinks

Not Eildon again....

Tighter crop of outlaw bikers

Sure is dry out there....except for the little storage lake which looks quite full

Spock strutting his stuff

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