Northern Duster_Aus Day W/E 27+28 overnighter photos and lies

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If you were wondering what the hell route we followed on the way back from Euroa (I know I was), here 'tis. Wicket Hill road was just fabulous.



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Hey Mark, when you were at point A on my map, you were only 1.7km from the "plane crash" site, point B.

You should've checked it out.


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Sorry for the late response....a few things got in the way.... pretty much the same pics as everyone else so thought I would only upload the one decent photo I got. Thanks tim for being a good sport, but you could of alteast waved at the camera :bs :icon-maffick-::photo:


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A few milliseconds before the shot, as the front end washed out and the bike took off at 90 degrees to the intended direction of travel all I could think of was "oh, sheep I'm gonna do a K1W1!"


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I was wondering, who had that shot and why it hadn't shown up yet...
Nice trigger work! :bs
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