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Late January....and STINKING hot.:kna
Into the 40s and things weren't too much fun to kick off a planned 2200km Long Weekend.

Karel (carver)...Tim on the Gixx...Guenther, Goodie and I....and John on the FJR had left the day before and had a rear tyre blow-out at some sub-sonic cruising speed near Heyfield but kept it upright.

Took the backroads to Stratford for the first night.



East Gippy getting hotter and hotter, the hot wind searing the throat under the helmet.

Tried to get into the cooler climes of the High Country after a stop in Orbost, then Guenther ploughed the Strom into a clay-embankmant ~60k's up the Bonang.



In hindsight, that turned into the sad end of Guenther's riding...:(


....and the bike was written off the second time around in it's short life.

Only one way to cool down, John's got the right idea.


The Daytona boot that saved Guenther's right foot...


Cracked plastic wedge, but the typical Daytona construction (extended steel shank etc) held the pieces in place.


A little bruising was all....and the boot mailed to the factory in Germany for repairs. They kept this one as a show-piece and sent out a new boot for the price of their standard repair. Yo, stuff like that still exists!!:eek::eek:

Aborted the trip , went home and watched the cricket (or crickets...or whatever)



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2006...2 peaks

March '06

Goodie's off for the first ride on a postie...
Tim's there....and so are 4 of the Balla-Rats, the suicidal CT-punters.

Make one of them Stewart Crumpler, owner and founder of Crumpler Bagz and most likely the craziest of the 4.
Give him a postie...and you'll be out of breath just staying within 10k's all day long.





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2006....Goin’ Troppo

Late April/ early May...the sequel of the BananaRama rolled along with another 2 weeks of corner-carving bliss.
All the usual suspects were there, Bikes Only trucked the bikes up to Brissie again.

Loz and Matt 232 missed out, but stayed in Brissie for the weekend anyway (since they'd bought the flights initially).

The blues....


First night in Esk and the bullshit's flying thick'n fast...as usual.


You'll never see another one like it....Moira's custom-DR, complete with a leather Harley-seat and lots of home-made bracketry and bits by Double-Esky Nigel.

Did she ride the wheels off that thing or what?


We got drenched...

...tried to find Nimbin...


...rode the Lions Rd. and more of the Border Ranges....
had a near mass-exodus at 100kmh+ in a lefthander just above Tabulam...
...froze our butts off in Tenterfield and saw the morning-fairy (some are still seeing their shrink about it now :doh:)


Got an impromptu guided, private tour from Keith at the Dorrigo Railway Museum


This time, there was enough fuel on the Oxley :chug:


Nigel pulled yet another one out of his double-Esky of tricks...


...rode the whoopsies of the Taralga road


Elliott Way and Cabramurra...WITH snow!...


Latte-Dave joined up for a few days....


Frosty mornings in Khancoban


Another morning-fairy in Whitfield...


...and with another ~5000k's under the belt, it all ends in Yea... where Nigel and Moira keep going straight towards Ballarat while the rest tacks south for the last few k's.

Tim on the Gixx...and Garry on the Peg.

Sasha with the Guzzi , Moira on the DR650....Double-Esky Nige...Marty on the Shark-VEE and Goodie on the Peg... Karel (carver, VEE) and I...and for the last few days, Latte-Dave on the FZ1 this time around.

I think, that's also the last big ride for "Goodie and the Pegs"...

The full, 2-part yarn and 250+ pics are here :chug:



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2006...Melbourne Bike Show

Sometime in Sept, I think...and the last time we went.

Dave was taken by the Tiger...


...while Marty's finally seeing the light :rofl:


Or not?



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2006...Mt. Baw Baw

Late September.

Man, 2006 was starting to look like a race.
Remember Guenther's Strom, bent on the Bonang? (just flip back a page)

Yo, it was written off after I'd repaired it the first time around with 2 boxes of parts I'd bought in Canada...
Bought it again after Guenther's little prang and turned it into the first of the WTF's.

Goodie took it for its maiden ride on a sunny Sunday....

Tanjil Bren


Mt. Baw Baw



More pics here:


And as to the wondrous ways of that Strom....it was sold to Mikkey in 2010, I think.
Then this happened:

...and it was written off the 3. time around !! Once more, with no substantial or structural damage (but I rather guess, due to the unobtainable body work that Mick Hone couldn't even quote on...so they wrote it off.

And Andrew (haysey) got it in his garage :clap:

Bloody good bike that!!
Written off 3 times and still perfectly rideable, nothing bent on that one.
Suzukis, man....only Suzukis!! Can't kill 'em with an axe!
(do they get better with each write off? Sorta, like a good vino needs some ageing? Perhaps I should make Andrew an offer one day...:doh::rofl:)


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2006....Marysville Postie Run

Late October

The Balla-Rats were back for more!!
This one was for real and it was on for young and old.


Tim was there...and Young Will from the CBD on his L-plates and hell, was he up for some educational paint-swapping!

Busted chains, this and that falling off, some towing....and laughs 'til the tears came. In hindsight, much of what I saw that day would prove a huge bonus lateron.


Go for a giggle and some more pics:



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2006....AusTouring Rally Khancoban

November 2006

The first AT-Rally

Great weather, plenty of warm sunshine, plenty of good miles and best of all....GREAT company and loads of laughs.
Graham (whitey) from Sydney, Dave(dmtl15) from Nowra and the bunch of clowns from down south.....it nearly turned out to be a V-Strom gathering....lumped with the 2 DR650s a Suzuki-tribe-meet....and adding in 2 Budgies and Beemer it was a riot.

The burn up the Alpine Way was a cracker....like the day before when a Strom and a DR went mental across the top from Kiandra in an effort to "shake the old fart" ....it nearly made the Postie-ride a few weeks ago pale in comparison

Couldn't say it much better.



Jo on the Scarver (red helmet) and Moira on the DR650

Graham (whitey)




Tim on the DR


Tim squirting it up Tallangatta Lookout


Nev on the Budgie



Yours truly


Big Thanks to Marty for some of the pics.

More here:


<-- now went that way
Re: 2005...TassieGems #1

The RR is a bit of a disjointed effort now, with Marty's pics missing in the first part as his site is offline or the folders deleted.../url]

I will get that fixed one of theses days, planning to getting it done, lost the lot when let Parcom go last year...... not much was backed up but still have all photos
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