Quick squirt between chores


Mapping the next ride...
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Managed to get out for a few hours between children and getting housework done

Nice squirt up in the hills just taking some random roads and seeing where they went.
Bloody muggy out there. Need to get me some AC for the BMW :p

Nice little loop there.
There's lots of good stuff not far from your front door.
Give us a hoy next time...


Mapping the next ride...
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It's amazing how many two goat tracks there are scattered through the back of the hills. Just have to go looking for them off the main roads.

Dead-right you are!
Find any main road from A->B....then zoom in for possible parallels....zoom again for more parallels to the parallels....and even smaller parallels again....now we're starting discovering :)
Just to find even more stuff and backways once tyres are in the mud/ dust on the day....

Welcome to my world :2thumbs-up:
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