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If the guy with the Ten is the one I'm thinking of (Brendan...wearing those small, round specs)...yeah, he is. Saw him last post on ADVrider a while back.
"Veom"....the lanky, young guy on the KLR has given away the bikes from what I remember....but might've got back into it, it's been a few years.
He was still at Uni then.

Last time we saw Veom was South Face Rd, 20143C202AB0-FE56-4622-9AA0-4E1A26C11ED2.jpeg0E9B8964-AD2F-44B3-A326-C8D71088E98F.jpeg5680384C-1267-4581-ACE2-597C1DCF23C5.jpegD05DD0F4-BCC8-4715-9E35-C8EBFA8C6339.jpeg
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Well....shit happens when you try to give Fuzzy on the 1190 a run for his money.
This shot about 2km before the whoopsy

He was alright though.



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..... I think it's time for a new bike, almost hitting 99000k.
If you've been keeping your finger on the pulse, and following some recent posts on here, you'll realise that's is a seller's market out there. Only problem with that there's not many deals being offered on new bikes, but there probably are some exceptions.

But on the plus side, of course, may be you get a NEW bike.
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