[STICKY]Your Favourite Motorcyle Touring Pic


Old Timer
The Mild Ones on Mt Hotham


From left - Zenn's Bandit, Zenn, me, the Mighty CB,Munzo, Munzo's 1800 Boulevard, Beau and Beau's Triumph America - February 2009.


Novice Tourer
The summit of Mt Caernarvon in the Flinders Ranges. The highest peak reachable by wheels. Half way through a 70km hard slog.



Old Timer
the 12.9km/8mi Confederation Bridge from mainland Canada to the isle of spuds

the big bridge>>>


I think I'll put this one one the Bucket List, and it won't be too hard to find, but getting there might be problematic.

I'm also interested - what's the speed limit on the bridge? I 'spose I could check Google Street View, but asking will be easier.
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