[STICKY]Your Favourite Motorcyle Touring Pic


always out...

On the Cali back in 2005...


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Some great shots there. Those Alps look amazing, what a bridge and the good Ol' Aussie plains country!!! So much to see..........:D



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I think I'll put this one one the Bucket List, and it won't be too hard to find, but getting there might be problematic.

I'm also interested - what's the speed limit on the bridge? I 'spose I could check Google Street View, but asking will be easier.

80kph / 50mph

btw you only get the view over the side on a bike or something higher


Hytram, i think this is a wonderful idea. I'm new to Austouring and not such a IT whiz. How do I post photos on thread?
Flickr has changed their system since I wrote the second post above in 2008. It's still very similar and if you have a Flickr account you should be able to work it out but you can't follow the exact steps any longer.


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Maybe not strictly a "touring" pic, but I had to post it up for Glitch & Goodies enjoyment. :bs

Cheers Brian


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Haha, had my son with me on the back to help/push me and the bike on the exit, we entered the beach at Rainbow Beach and just rode up a few ks as he had never been on the beach before. That is looking towards Double Island Point ( just out of shot at the left)
I was very surprised on how good it was to ride the strom on the hard sand 2up.
Cheers brian
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