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Haha, had my son with me on the back to help/push me and the bike on the exit, we entered the beach at Rainbow Beach and just rode up a few ks as he had never been on the beach before. That is looking towards Double Island Point ( just out of shot at the left)
I was very surprised on how good it was to ride the strom on the hard sand 2up.
Cheers brian

Thought it was from Rainbow...but that entry can vary greatly, too.
Seen it all chopped up by bad weather and hordes of 4WDs.
It sure is good going once on the firm stuff....I LOVE IT.

THere's something special to running along the surf, gauging the firmness of the sand by colour and texture, trying to out-guess the waves and how far up they'll go, constantly checking for rocks sticking out of the sand or the broken edges of little streams cutting through the beach....


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Yep, have to agree, reckon it made it a bit more special doing it with my son on the back. :soMind you, reckon with the 2 of us heavy weights a bit of gear and the bike, we were close to weighing in at the half a tonne mark, no wonder we were getting some funny looks. :bs
Made riding the DRZ up there seem so easy too.
Cheers brian


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Just saw this thread and felt obliged to put this picture up. Its not the worlds most dramatic photo, but the whole setting was just so peaceful. It is about 10 kilometres west of Dorrigo and my understanding that two years prior it would have been still in drought. Taken Feb 2012.



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Hi Cam, hi Pete,

thank you!

It was a beautiful day!
Here some panorama-pics (for full-size klick 2x on the pic)!
Here is the tour discription (only in german), and here are the other pics.

Best greatings from Germany
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