[STICKY]Your Favourite Motorcyle Touring Pic


Mapping the next ride...
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Tassie 2002, you rode what you brung :)

The Gulch at Bicheno

21_02_02_14_Bicheno_The Gulch.JPG

The B12 melting rubber into tarmac ... Strathgordon Road

26_02_02_05_Suzie along Strathgordon Rd.JPG

Running late into Hobart.
Along the Derwent just up from Bridgewater.

26_02_02_21_Derwent River close to Brighton.JPG


Mapping the next ride...
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The Strom that was written off by multiple dealers and state and national service managers of Suzuki-America as a "just-take-that-shitheap-and-go-away-headache".

3+ years of slumber in the darkest corner of the garage while still battling with Consumer Affairs, Suzuki US warranty, lawyers, owner groups, dealers and workshops etc. after wasting $thousands$ in repairs, checks, breakdown recovery, transport to+from and so on....




First run, still unregged, still not believing our luck. I'll hang with the KLR for the time being :)


2 weeks and 4000miles later somewhere in the Californian Sierras...hasn't missed a single beat and goes like the clappers.

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