The Alps west of Austria - looking for small roads


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But you have to wait until Christmas. Life is slowing down at least for myself between 24.12. and 02.01.2019.

Ahh, that Gluehwein and all those
Printen, Stollen und Lebkuchen at the Christmas-markets. :thumbs:

No worries...happy to wait.



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Christmas-markets start in a fortnight.
And it is not only the sweet stuff like Printen, it is also Glühwein und Bratwurst!:chug:

This is Braunschweig Christmas market



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Back to the topic.:D

What is worth to highlight for other riders from my trip Alps West of Austria?

Outstanding Hotels :clap:
Fenis 16 km south of Aosta:
La Maison d'Amelie, Bed&Breakfast
45°43'58.09"N 7°29'55.29"E
Nice modern big rooms, fine breakfast, private parking, kind Landlord, important to know: it is better if you know some Italian or French.

Savines-le-Lac at the shore of the Lac de Serre-Ponçon if you travel the N94:
Hôtel Les Chaumettes
44°31'28.20"N 6°24'3.55"E
Nice modern big rooms, perfect setting with garden and view, English speaking kind landlady, garage parking, away from the noise of N94, at least 5 restaurants nearby.

Perfect situated Restaurants:clap:
Wallis/Valais, Saxon 16 km east of Martigny going up to Col du Lein:

Restaurant Auberge de Sapinhaut also known as Auberge de la Pleyeux
46° 7'25.02"N 7° 9'34.96"E
Good food, perfect view into the Rhone valley, hotel rooms (didn’t stay there), kind landlord, a bit of French is handy. :chug:

Wallis/Valais, from Sitten/Sion up to Col du Sanetsch
Hôtel Restaurant du Sanetsch
46°19'14.32"N 7°18'8.91"E
Good food, perfect view into, hotel rooms (didn’t stay there).

I’m sure you will like these places.
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