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That looks so good, and perfect conditions too :glu.

To read about how it can go terribly wrong above the Anguille Du Midi, try the book "Life and Limb" by Jamie Andrew . Its chapter The End (which is in the middle....) is bare, heart-in-mouth, despairing reading.

PERFECT was an understatement...there are a lot of days where the skies are blue but there's a haze/ fog/ smog/ weatherfront coming in/ evaporation and glare off the glaciers/ etc that spoils the views... either short, mid or long dsistance.

This one was one of the few days a year that just have it all. Just incredible luck.
As indicated, the area is nothing that leaves a lot of "play-room", things can change very fast and drastically.
Heard about the Jamie Andrew book but never followed it up.
Now I will....thanks for the nudge. :chug:


Tassie...where tyres are flat and nights are long

Wow .... what for pretty pics You bring at Home !!!!
Really a big luck You can find this window between a lot of different weather fronts.
.... very awesome !:clap:


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The area had a huge impact on us all. From feeling light headed and out of breath after 5 steps. To the vistas where you can see paying customers walking in the distance, getting the experience in full. It was bloody "MAGNIFIQUE":glu



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Last time I was in Chamonix, I could barely see halfway up the glacier and my boots didn't dry out for days.

On second thoughts, I am glad I didn't come with you guys this time, because the weather would have turned so much crapper if I was there, and at least this way, I have the stunning photos.
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